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I love creating things, be it using paper and pens the analog way or coding it all the digital way, but above all I love writing down the gazillions of thoughts buzzing in my head 24*7 about anything and everything. Poems aren't my forte but I may try my hand at it, for I fall under code-loving-writer category.

Julian Sara Joseph

Boils down to the same thing

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If you are aware of something, you keep finding that wherever you look, similar to seeing only 'red-cars' on road, only after you buy a red car yourself. Finding out about rounded shoulders, made me realise how so many guys around me had terrible postures. I wish I could share the mental screenshots of their weird slop-sided almost broken shoulders, making me wonder: Do people not know they have rounded shoulders? Are we just lazy to flex some muscles, and stand up straight? 

A person's stature, his posture, speaks volumes when he walks into a room. Ladies, take note, this doesn't mean, you lose grace, (Lol, this is only for those non-girl girls out there like me) this means you walk with straight shoulders and confidence but light steps.