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I love creating things, be it using paper and pens the analog way or coding it all the digital way, but above all I love writing down the gazillions of thoughts buzzing in my head 24*7 about anything and everything. Poems aren't my forte but I may try my hand at it, for I fall under code-loving-writer category.

Julian Sara Joseph

A place so inviting, anyone would feel like running into.

Sometimes people feel so weighed down by expectations that they just want to run away. Run and hide in the woods. But when I see this picture, it isn't exactly a 'run and hide' feeling, it is more of 'Yay! I'm free, my kingdom' like a tigress walking majestically amidst the trees, treading so softly on the grass below, basking in the rays of sun that seep through the thick canopy above, taking in the fresh air around in the lush forest, without a care in the world.