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Julian Sara Joseph

Wedding bells are ringing

2 min read


Yes, my reaction was not exactly thrilled or excited. But worried. Weddings in India can be crazy. The shopping, the finances, the relatives, the routines, the poses, the rituals. The very thought of signing up for months of drama rang alarm bells in my brain. Not that I wasn't grateful for the lovely soul I was about to marry, and have as my own personal person for my whole life, I very much was! My joy in realizing, he was everything I wanted my future husband to be, made me tearfully thankful to the whole universe for keeping him safe and sound just for me. Nevertheless, the herculean task of deciding what to wear, what hairdo, what sandals(I still haven't bought my heels for the dress for the ceremony at church as I write this), came upon these tiny weak but broad shoulders of mine much faster than I thought it would. The engagement taught me a lot of things!

In fact, In my mind, there went a list like this - as personal feedback/note to self:

     1. What went right? / What should definitely be repeated at the wedding?

     2. What went wrong? / What should be avoided at the wedding? 

Now you may ask, who thinks like that? I and every other developer I believe does. I find the entire idea of weddings, at times, highly over-rated with month-long vacations and trips I honestly missed my code editor and terminals during the 9 days I took leave for the Engagement ceremonies. How do people stay away from computers for so long? :P