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Julian Sara Joseph

Stop Biting

2 min read

If you bite, everytime someone 'reaches out' to you - they will just stop 'reaching out' to help you out. So stop biting!

There are so many people around you who take care of you and love you. Your family, your friends or your neighbours, your colleagues, your dance class partners, your early morning football team players, your folks at church and so on. The list is quite long, if only, you pause, and rewind the day in your head. Think about all those folks who smiled at you, or addressed you by name even for a casual "Hi"!

It is easy to go off the cliff and behave like you have no reason to smile or be happy. It is easy to take the "martyr route" or just "be grumpy". Yeah. I have often tried to blame the circumstances in life and the restrictions I grew up with. But, trust me, there is nothing in this world stopping you from just "being nice", especially when the people around you are taking so much effort to be nice to you. Don't bark everytime you open your mouth. It takes conscious effort not to. Almost as much as it would take you to say "No" to carbs or sugar, maybe more. 

It takes two to quarrel and two to love.

Either you can complain about not having the "right people" in your life or the "right opportunities" or power to do somethings, or you can accept the people, the time, the chances you get at taking up whateve life offers you, helping hand or challenge, and reciprocate in kind!

Meet love with love.

Kindness with kindness.

Friendship with warmth.

Fear with Grit.

Challenge with courage.

Opportunity with willingness. 

Feel the high of doing the 'right things' at the 'right time and saying the 'right set' of words at the 'right time'