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Julian Sara Joseph

Realizations that dawned.

2 min read

Everyone out there is definitely on a path to progress/self-improvement/career -development in this week. So many resolutions and planners bought and doodled in. Before I too get into that, I'd like to share a few hallelujah moments.  

1. I have realized how women (atleast Indian mallu women) "expect bad things to happen to them". 

 "I'll end up getting married to a bad guy"

 "I'll never be promoted!"

 "I'll be stuck in this place forever"

Such a mindset, be it for men or women, will do us no good. Our thoughts can shape our lives. Proof? Here you go!


2. Some people are just incapable of grasping what your words mean. 

"You feel me?" 

"Do you get it?"

There are several such instances when people can fail to understand what you say, they hear what they want to hear. Always.


3. Never compromise on your relationships because of money you owe people or small fights. 

"You don't need to pay me back"

"I don't really care what you think of this color"

People do care. People remember what you say and give and not give. Don't you ever think otherwise.