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Julian Sara Joseph

Checklists and pathways

1 min read

Ever since I read the book - Steal like an artist, I have meaning to do this. I started this last year in Oct I think. Trust me it makes you accountable to yourself. Feel free to add whatever you like - even things like : 

> Made the bed on waking up

> Tech curfew of 2 hours before sleep

> read 10 pages of any book today. 


Habits are creatable. As it is written in the book - "Quiet Leadership" , our brains can form new pathways for your new habits. The best way to get rid of old habits you are sick of is to stop doing it! :P Think of it like water flowing through rocks to create the Grand Canyon, similarly the less you do of the task, you don't want to, the lesser stronger these paths in your brain. The more you do, the new habits, the more checks on the list above, the stronger those pathways in your brain.