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Julian Sara Joseph

Books and why my love for it has varied over time.

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For me, books were an escape. Ever since I was a kid, Enid Blyton and JK Rowling have taken me to different worlds where there was no real-life worry or tension. But come 2015, when I got a Kindle, the first books my brother bought me were for learning math and computer science as if I were a researcher. I think he believed I had the aptitude to grasp concepts with ease. Those books were good, but I had developed a dislike towards reading itself, thanks to the lack of any fiction books. To top that, I was also constantly distracted with Social Media. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - I was unaware of how my limited free time depleted each day. I just had no time to read books any more!

Truth, however, was that I didn't choose to spend time with books but was marvelled at other things like Facebook videos and so on. It has been several years since I have read a book at one stretch. My reading-hungry soul has died internally.

With just 5 weeks left in this year, I want to reclaim this old habit. I want to be hooked to books, regardless of their genre and I don't want to put down a book without knowing what the author had to tell me entirely.