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Julian Sara Joseph

breathe easy eh?

breathe easy  eh?

When you spend like alomst a decade in Gulf, all their stringent rules for vehicles, food, water and everything around you seems to be etched on your memories forever. But ever since I landed in India, I have never been able to hide my shock at all the black smoke that comes out of the cars, trucks and even Police jeeps. For a kid who had forgotten what it meant to live in India, for someone who had been so used to all 'Istamara-stamped( an yearly routine check for all vehicles before they come out on roads)' cars on road following traffic rules (for the fear of the hUGe fine), I was apalled. I couldn't believe how we Indians were ok with bribes at the 'pollution-certificate-centres and petrol stations that sold 'so-called lead-free petrol'  and ok with digging our own graves with the consequent pollution!

Roads in Qatar